Create a Supply Chain Greater than Its Parts

Position your supply chain to drive gains across your entire company. Automate everyday tasks. Structure insights for predictability. With the power to simplify order cycles, everyone can do more.

Customize Views. Get on the Same Page.

Locate what’s most important right away. In the MegaFD Platform, see the essentials at once or drag and drop the intel for your role front and center. Personalized views create a more powerful outlook.

Tasks that Take Care of Themselves

Set rules to run your supply chain. Start strong with MegaFD Order Management for automated reordering. Share booking control with suppliers. Filter data to purpose and schedule custom-built reports.

Act on Insights in Minutes or Meetings

The MegaFD Platform makes it easy to find and act on insights of any size. Changes, approvals, and questions are resolved in a matter of clicks. For significant decisions, collaborate directly in the MegaFD Platform.


One Source of Truth. All the Solutions You Need.

The MegaFD Platform organizes data from advanced APIs and inputs specific to your supply chain to make your job easier. Simplify procurement. Track SKUs end-to-end. Discover trends across trade lanes and game routing scenarios to save time and money.

I depend on MegaFD to provide me accurate, timely information that makes my job easier.

Your Order Lifecycle, Completely in Order
Access SKU-level tracking, easy PO placement, and supplier KPIs—all with MegaFD Order Management. End-to-end visibility is one of the fastest ways to streamline and save time on your supply chain.
Answer Any Question with the Right Data
Make short work of in-depth reporting. Build reports from scratch and schedule them to send at any cadence. Track live shipments, pull historical data, and forecast with predictive tools.
A Shared Vision for Complex Supply Chains
With structured data in the MegaFD Platform, anyone can spot opportunities and validate ideas. Go deeper and drive strategy when you collaborate internally or with your MegaFD team.