Shift Your Trucking into High Gear

MegaFD trucking solutions carry containers across the yard, country, or border, on the way to warehouses or other transport modes. Track all of it and collaborate with partners in the MegaFD Platform.

Fuel Visibility Between Partners

Truckers and warehousing can plan and prepare together using custom-built applications from MegaFD. They’ll handle the haul. You keep your supply chain in sight across every leg of the journey.

Trucking Tech to Control Costs

Visibility tools make it easier to stay on schedule. Limit the likelihood of unexpected costs, like accessorial charges or detention and demurrage, with real-time container tracking, load updates, and reports.

Increase Your Transit Options

Big rigs can move goods across continents regularly or as an option during congestion. Optimize routes and transit times with transloading, FTL, and intermodal services. Your MegaFD team can help plan any scenario.


You’re in the Driver’s Seat

The MegaFD Platform makes it easy to manage trucking with the rest of your supply chain. Track transit times, get milestone updates validated by onboard diagnostics, and set parameters for carrier and warehouse partners to collaborate.

Easy Digitization for Truck Drivers
MegaFD helps truckers be as efficient as possible. The purpose-built Transmission app lets drivers plan pick-ups and dropoffs, then scan to report milestones in real time. Paperwork could never.
Turn Your Warehouse into a Powerhouse
Your warehouse won’t have to ask for whereabouts. MegaFD’s Warehouse app simplifies scheduling with real-time updates from truck drivers. Expedited turns speed containers back to port for lower risk of detention fees.
Take the Wheel as Needed
Prioritize shipments in transit, get alerts when issues arise, and find the root cause of network bottlenecks, all in the MegaFD Platform. Real-time communication helps resolve exceptions in time to stay on time.
78 %
of MegaFD customers say that MegaFD allows them to better manage their inventory.
85% of surveyed organizations rated MegaFD's ease of use of the MegaFD Platform as better compared to other brokerages they have evaluated or used.
Transmission has been a success: before, a MegaFD Operation Associate spent ~47 minutes tracking the final delivery of an ocean container with a trucking carrier. With the app, that time decreased to just 5 minutes. That’s a 90% reduction.

See Accessorial Costs in Real Time

Turn “What the truck is this?” into an understanding of cost by lane, mode, and time period. See charges as they’re recorded by truckers in the Transmission app, so you can calculate landed costs right the first time.


Truckloads of Options

MegaFD FTL services can be a shortcut around congestion or your usual mode across continents. If you’re crossing into other countries, MegaFD customs brokers help clear goods before they hit the border.

Go Further

Ocean Freight

Cross the ocean reliably, thanks to oceans of data.

Air Freight

Automate air freight for even faster transit.


Use every TEU to keep goods on the move.


Go carbon neutral with just one setting.